Titus Andronicus 'Local Business' (album stream)

Titus Andronicus 'Local Business' (album stream)
The last time Titus Andronicus released an album, it was the ambitious, Civil War-themed The Monitor back in 2010. Now, the New Jersey natives have returned with Local Business, and prior to that record's October 23 release through XL Recordings, you can stream the whole thing on Exclaim.ca.

The songs were cut at Marcata Recording studio in Upstate New York with producer Kevin McMahon (Real Estate, Swans, the Walkmen). During the sessions, the band favoured a live-off-the-floor approach with only minimal overdubs. Canadian string whiz Owen Pallett contributed to the recordings as well.

Unlike The Monitor's military narrative, Local Business doesn't have such a focused concept. Nevertheless, there are a number of themes that tie the lyrics together.

A press release explains the record like this: "The songs on Local Business aim to make explicit the implications of the first two LPs, that the inherent meaninglessness of life in an absurd universe gives the individual power to create their own values and their own morality. Along the way, we witness a devastating automobile wreck, a food fight (that is to say, a battle with an eating disorder), an electrocution, a descent into insanity, and ultimately, a forgiveness of the self for its many faults."

We're guessing that the electrocution in question is the one suffered by singer Patrick Stickles himself. Take a listen below, and be sure to catch Titus Andronicus when they hit the road this fall with Ceremony.