Tiny Rhymes 'A Kinder History' (EP stream)

Tiny Rhymes 'A Kinder History' (EP stream)
Indie pop outfit Tiny Rhymes split their time between Buffalo, Toronto and Waterloo, but the multi-city musical ensemble managed to come together to craft a new EP called A Kinder History — and Exclaim! is streaming it a week before it's officially out.
Blending the soft sounds of angelic vocal harmonies, playful percussion and acoustic guitars with chamber music influences that trickle through on the darker bass, violin and cello, Tiny Rhymes present a charming sound that refuses to stick to any one genre or time period.
"I've always played piano, but decided to pick up the guitar for this current batch of songs," lead singer Sharon Mok said in a statement about the new four-song collection. "[I] set out to create melodies influenced by my childhood experience with both Chinese opera and classical music."
The far-reaching and eclectic influences play out as dramatic folk-tinged pieces that range from the innocuously sweet, catchy opener "Arrows" to the more sombre, orchestral "Oh, Amaranta!," through to the string-bolstered folk-pop gem "Gold Mountain" before wrapping it all up with the lush, layered chamber pop of "Home."
The EP officially lands on June 23, but you can give A Kinder History and early spin in the player below right now.