Tings & Savage Unveil 'Brain Foam' Tape for 1080p

Tings & Savage Unveil 'Brain Foam' Tape for 1080p
Newly minted Vancouver tape label 1080p dropped its first release just last week, and now it's already back with another. Tings & Savage's Brain Foam is available now.

Tings & Savage is a collaboration between Melbourne producer Roland Tings (a.k.a. Rohan Newman) and his friend Nathan Savage, who teamed up in mid-2012 in Berlin. The pair reportedly experimented for 11 hours a day, resulting in ambient electronic improvisations.

The band said in a statement, "I think part of being in a place like Berlin — you're constantly surrounded by electronic music, mostly in pretty rigid formats — so we were just experimenting to see what would happen when we pushed the formats out a bit further. Not that we are claiming we broke any new ground — this is the kind of thing that every artist does in one way or another — filtering ideas that they have 'encountered' through their experiences and presenting their take or their explanation or whatever."

Brain Foam consists of four raw tracks. A press release explains, "For Rohan and Nathan, it's about flowing sounds; bright pulsing textures but also keeping a strong rhythmic core, like the hazy shells of the tracks playing in the club the night before being filled up again with sun and smoke."

Scroll past the tracklist to stream the cut, "Sequins," via a new video courtesy of No Pain in Pop below. Go here to order Brain Foam on tape or as a digital download.

Brain Foam:

1. Shiver
2. Werkstatt
3. Sequins
4. Green