Tinashe "Cold Sweat" (video)

Tinashe 'Cold Sweat' (video)
Though Tinashe issued her shiny Amethyst mixtape earlier in the spring, the R&B performer is bringing attention back to last year's Aquarius LP for her latest music video. Witness, if you will, the elegant and occasionally off-kilter set of visuals for "Cold Sweat."

Directed by Stephen Garnett, the video pretty well focuses on Tinashe singing and rapping straight into the camera, or contorting her body to the slinking, late-night rhythms.

Sometimes the camera work is presented untouched and raw, finding our star bopping to the beat as she chews out yes men and people's assorted, shifty agendas. Other times, effects smear and distort her visage, adding an obscurist's twist to the piece.

You'll find Tinashe pontificating on some "hella scummy" shit down below, courtesy of Pitchfork.