Tigerwing "Need Me Bad" (video)

Tigerwing 'Need Me Bad' (video)
Windsor, ON-based electro-pop producer and visual artist Tigerwing has just melded both of those art forms together for a brand new music video, and Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere.
The "Need Me Bad" single was released earlier this year, giving listeners a gateway into the sonic realm of Tigerwing's haunting, atmospheric music. Now, it's been matched with an accompanying video that finds the artist experimenting with 3D animation.
Using video software called Maya, she was able to create an environment that was "familiar, yet uncanny and alien, distant from our known world." It channels the song's themes of "isolation, loneliness, and desperation," depicting the artist as the lone character in the video, calling out for help and receiving no response.
"I began working with 3D rendered animations because I was never happy or inspired by places around me enough to shoot a video in a space and trust it will communicate exactly what I want," Tigerwing tells Exclaim! "With this new media, my visuals can match my sound and my concepts more than ever before."
See the audio and visual collide in the brand new clip for "Need Me Bad" below.