T.I. Working From Halfway House to Release New Album in 2010

T.I. Working From Halfway House to Release New Album in 2010
For the last portion of his one-year, weapons-related prison sentence, Atlanta-based rapper T.I. was transported to a halfway house on December 22. While his sentence is over on March 26, the small amount freedom offered by the halfway house has already inspired the rapper to get cracking on his next album.

According to Rap-Up, T.I. has been hard at work on a new album since entering the house. Producer Jim Jonsin, who was the brains behind T.I.'s "Whatever You Like," has been sending the rapper backing tracks via email to go on a new album, due out this year.

"It doesn't seem like he missed a beat," Jonsin told Rap-Up. "He was so upbeat, his spirits were up, and he's excited to be out and working. He hasn't changed, he sounded exactly like he did when I talked to him months before he went in."

The two have been working on a number of tracks, but Jonsin says they still haven't decided what direction these songs will take. "That's really going to be determined by him," Jonsin says. "We're supposed to get together or talk more about it soon.... But his last album was great and his sound already does really well, so I wouldn't see him changing too much."

 T.I.'s Paper Trail was released in 2008.