T.I. Ditches King Uncaged Album Title for No Mercy

T.I. Ditches <i>King Uncaged</i> Album Title for <i>No Mercy</i>
As we reported a few weeks back, T.I. is heading back to jail following a parole violation. Clearly the court's decision has affected Tip's state of mind, and can you blame him? While the sentence must loom over his day-to-day life, it looks as if it's also had an impact on his art, which explains the sudden title change for his upcoming record.

T.I. had initially wanted to name the disc, which at press time has an unspecified release date, King Uncaged, a nod to his 2005 slammer King. This was, of course, before his late summer drug bust.

"I am completely consuming myself with the completion of King Uncaged," T.I. told Entertainment Weekly two days before being picked up by Los Angeles police. "And I'ma get it to you, man, ASAP."

Considering his current situation, another report on Entertainment Weekly now confirms via a label rep a more severe title: No Mercy. It's a bleak summation of his current situation, for sure.

Though he's reportedly heading back to the clink on November 1 for 11 months, the rapper should have some reason to celebrate. Yesterday (October 25), reports surfaced that the drug charges stemming from his September arrest have been dropped. But Tip will likely keep his upcoming full-length's new title as is – there's something slightly less catchy about A Little Bit of Mercy.