T.I. "New National Anthem" (ft. Skylar Grey)

T.I. 'New National Anthem' (ft. Skylar Grey)
Following the recent events in Ferguson, MO, which saw unarmed black teen Michael Brown shot six times by a police officer, the world has been in a long discussion about race, the freedom to protest, and the militarization of the police. Atlanta rapper T.I. already shared his views on Instagram, and now he's shared a song inspired by the incident.

"New National Anthem" features Skylar Grey and sounds rather celebratory with its up-tempo beat and memorable melody. That said, it's much more than a new hit, as T.I. discusses what it's like to be an African-American in the present-day U.S.A.

He compares the situation in Ferguson to that of Afghanistan, discusses political history and points out hypocrisy in American society.

Listen to "New National Anthem" below. If you'd like to read along, the lyrics are available here.