Thurston Moore "Heavenmetal" (video)

Thurston Moore 'Heavenmetal' (video)
Thurston Moore has gifted fans a video for Valentine's Day, but oddly the indie rock icon is billed completely solo for the new clip behind his Chelsea Light Moving's "Heavenmetal."

When not performing solo, Moore is prepping some sort of decoupage project, but he's not the only one getting crafty in the video. Also seen are a pair of blood ritual-loving ladies who smear some plasma together with a clip-capping handshake. A press release explains that the video, filmed and directed by Julien Langendorff, "explores the power of poetry, friendship & magick."

As Moore sings inspirationally in the outro "Be a warrior and love life," by which we mean watch the video in the player down below.

In other news, and explaining the solo-billing of the video, it's been confirmed that Moore will deliver a solo LP under his own name this June via Matador.