Throne to the Wolves "A Last Farewell" (video)

Throne to the Wolves 'A Last Farewell' (video)
Oshawa hardcore unit Throne to the Wolves have dropped a brand new video for "A Last Farewell."
The track comes from the band's recently released EP Tales from the Gallows, and shows off their penchant for blending instrumental technicality with dark lyrics and heavy sounds.
The accompanying video sees the band performing live in a family home, mirroring the chaos of the family of the young boy who lives in the house. Following an explosive fight with the boy's mother, the father turns to hard drugs for an escape and meets a predictably sad end.
"In today's day and age there are so many people that turn to drugs as a way to deal with their problems," the band's Billy Hulcup tells Exclaim! "There are some people that we have lost personally that have gone down that same road. If you have ever lost someone close to you or you have battled through an addiction yourself where you felt completely helpless, this one will hit home."
Watch the video for "A Last Farewell" below.