Throne Of Chaos Pervertigo

Finland's Throne Of Chaos throws a pleasant and totally unexpected surprise at the listener with their mixture of melodic death metal and power metal. It's even more confusing when you look at the liner notes and realise that the band has no singer, but instead has two guest singers on this particular disc, one of whom provides the scratchy death vocals, with the other providing the totally clean and powerful melodic voice. The latter happens to be the singer from Century Media's "instant delete bin" newcomers Dream Evil. Throne Of Chaos has a knack for writing hooks that wiggle into your flesh and stick, particularly during the more thrashing aggressive moments. The unlikely paradox of two of metal's most distinct sub-genres finding a home within one band is just too cool. Bring it all home with clear production, a nice booklet and an enjoyable 38-minute playing time, and everyone should be happy. (Spinefarm)