The Throbbing Purple Let It Writhe

Dubiously self-described as Canada’s punk rock "super group,” Montreal’s the Throbbing Purple consist of members of the 222’s, Subhumans and more. Yet as is the case with any and all punk rockers, the Throbbing Purple have aged or — gasp — matured and embraced the simplicities of life: namely uncomplicated, boozy rock’n’roll. In the case of Let It Writhe, this means that what would have once been another collection of abrasive rants on the evils of the world is little more than a dirty, sleazy rock effort that blends the blues-based drive of AC/DC with the careless delivery and sloppiness of early New York Dolls and the Stooges. Surprisingly, the slacker essence makes this far more enjoyable than any "name” the band use to garner interest. There’s an unmistakable truth and sincerity to the way the band perform these tunes, proving that while they are rudimentary at best, the looseness and straightforward approach applied to songs about drinking and living the rock lifestyle are far more enticing than more misguided griping about the world. (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)