'Thor,' 'Hanna' and 'Sons of Anarchy: Season Three' Lead This Week's DVD Roundup

'Thor,' 'Hanna' and 'Sons of Anarchy: Season Three' Lead This Week's DVD Roundup
This week's DVD roundup has something for everyone: three movies with completely different cinematic styles and two television shows of opposite genres. To read more about these DVD releases, visit the Exclaim.ca Recently Reviewed section.

First, we have Thor (pictured), starring Chris Hemsworth as the title character, as well as Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman. The movie is another Marvel superhero action film about a son who will inherit the throne, complete with the epic battles and melodrama that come along with the situation.

Next, with a complete 180 regarding cinematography, we have Hanna, directed by Joe Wright. The film is based on the story of a young heroine's (Saoirse Ronan) decision to flee the nest after years under her father's strict training to be an assassin and is stylized down to its action sequences and musical score. Another film featuring Natalie Portman and out on DVD is the dramatic yet emotionally realistic narrative Hesher. Joseph-Gordon Levitt stars as Hesher, a tattooed, pyromaniac loner who begins living with a family overcoming death and depression, only to slowly transform their lives.

One of the TV series reviewed this week is Children's Hospital: Season One and Two. This outrageous and highly inappropriate comedy, originally released as short webisodes, is about a serious clown doctor who believes in healing with laughter instead of science. If you enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine humour, check out Rob Corddry in this shocking satire.

Lastly, we have another TV series review but on the opposite side of the spectrum. The family-oriented crime drama Sons of Anarchy: Season Three is available with deeper plot twists and extra features including episode commentary, table readings and a season four preview.

To read the full reviews of the DVDs mentioned above, as well as many others, check out the Recently Reviewed section of Exclaim.ca.