Thor Triumphant

Canada's fave cheeseball/metal warrior from Valhalla is back, with another re-release of Triumphant (if you've actually been paying attention, you're probably confused by that prospect). And as horribly wrong as some of this is, it's so hard to not just throw your arms up in defeat and sing along to ditties like "I Am Thor" and the actually quite good "Triumphant." The fromage factor is freakin' high of course, but Thor is a national treasure worth spending a bit of time with. He's our Manowar (hey, they're just as cheesy), and while some of his output may reek of shame, some of it, like this disc, is a lot of metal fun. Check out the excellent duet with Seth of Anal Cunt on the should-be-classic "Throwing Cars at People on Coke with Thor." Check it out — it's more enjoyable than, say, that new Dimmu Borgir, or Six Feet Under, and it's not even as cheesy. Go figure. (Scratch)