Thom Yorke Takes On Alberta's Tar Sands, Urges Canadians to Do "Sumfing" About It

Thom Yorke Takes On Alberta's Tar Sands, Urges Canadians to Do 'Sumfing' About It
Back in December, Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke took a break from dodging Peter Gabriel to explore the Copenhagen Climate Summit. His verdict was that the meetings were a "crock of shit," as they failed to make any tangible changes in global leaders and their views towards the environment. Now, Yorke has set his sights on a Canada-specific environmental problem, attacking the Alberta tar sands.

Today (March 31), Yorke made a blog post called "mr sensible strikes a pose" with the following statement:

your bank may be investing your pension, if you have one, in the Tar Sands of canada.. that is messed up.. you're pension wont be worth shit if you dont have a planet to live on. a lot of people are doing sumfing about it here.

If you'd like to take Yorke's advice and do "sumfing about it" yourself, the post links to Fair Pensions' Counting the Cost website, a charity dedicated to ending environmentally irresponsible business practices by changing investment strategies.

 Yorke also commented on the tar sands situation earlier this month, with a March 3 post titled "sticky Tar Chart rant," where he said, "so yes rumour has it that the canadians came to the copenhagen summit demanding to increase their co2 emmissions. principally cuz of the tar sands and how much money the faceless motherfuckers in the oil industry stand to make out of it.. who are obviously bankrolling the government there. i find it hard to correlate this all with the canadians i know who are very forward thinking."

There's no question that this is some thought-provoking stuff that is specifically relevant to Canadians. However, we can't help but feel that Yorke's statements would pack even more of a punch if he bothered to punctuate, capitalize and spellcheck.