Thom Yorke Responds to Stayed Charges in Toronto Stage Collapse Case

"Words utterly fail me"
Thom Yorke Responds to Stayed Charges in Toronto Stage Collapse Case
Photo: Rick Clifford
Following a lengthy trial, a judge ruled yesterday (September 5) to stay charges regarding the deadly stage collapse in Toronto before a 2012 Radiohead concert. Now, frontman Thom Yorke has spoken out against the decision.
Caribou (a.k.a Dan Snaith) was scheduled to open for Radiohead at the aforementioned concert, and he took to Twitter to deem the judge's most recent ruling "bullshit."
Yorke then replied to Snaith's post, adding: "Words utterly fail me."
As previously reported, Radiohead's 33-year-old drum technician Scott Johnson was killed in the collapse, while another three crew members were injured. The case had been delayed multiple times and was deemed a mistrial back in June.
According to recently imposed limits, provincial court cases should go to trial within 18 months, while cases heard in Superior Court should go to trial within 30 months. Both Live Nation and an engineer were initially charged for the incident, and both parties argued that their rights to a timely trial had been violated.
Technically, stayed charges can be revived 12 months after the judge's ruling, though it is currently unknown if prosecution will continue next year.
Back in 2013, Live Nation denied responsibility for the incident, saying, "We absolutely maintain that Live Nation and our employees did everything possible to ensure the safety of anyone who was on or near the stage involved in the tragic incident that led to the unfortunate death of Mr. Scott Johnson."