Thom Yorke Explains How In Rainbows Was Kept A Secret

Thom Yorke Explains How <i>In Rainbows</i> Was Kept A Secret
Thom Yorke and Ed O'Brien have revealed how Radiohead kept In Rainbows a secret up until ten days before its release. Speaking to BBC 6 Music, O'Brien said, "We had to literally tell no one. I didn't tell my wife we were going to release it like this." Yorke added: "Every record that we've done for ages has been leaked. Why not leak the bloody thing yourself?"

Yorke then went on to admit that he himself paid nothing for the album, explaining the situation as pointless. "There wasn't any point," he said. "I just move some money from one pocket to the other." He also confessed that the idea for a download-only release came from their management, who didn't want to put out a new album without a record deal, and that the "pay-what-you-like" system was not intended to make any sort of point against the music industry.