Thom Yorke Blogs About Copenhagen Climate Summit, Calls Meetings a "Crock of Shit"

Thom Yorke Blogs About Copenhagen Climate Summit, Calls Meetings a 'Crock of Shit'
Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke tends to be kind of a downer. Whether he's writing mopey lyrics for tracks like "We Suck Young Blood" and "Bodysnatchers," or making apocalyptic warnings about the environment as part of the Friends of the Earth campaign, the singer isn't exactly known for looking on the bright side.

As you may have heard, Yorke managed to score a press pass to the climate change summit in Copenhagen this week, and now he has posted his dour thoughts about the event on Radionhead's Dead Air Space blog. According to Yorke, "I felt compelled to come to find some hope from these talks." Still, old habits die hard, and Yorke's take on the summit is anything but optimistic.

Of the talks, he wrote:

the negotiations had an obvious G8 vibe about them. the west dictating terms and bizarrely assuming that the science could be bartered.. !!! arguing about who cuts what??? that somehow the amount we have to cut our emissions is negotiable?? what a crock of shit.

He saved his worst insults for the U.S., writing:

what is frustrating so far is americas attitude. hilary clintons speech was apparently still trying to shift responsibilty for emissions around... which is just frankly nuts. obama said nothing though i have not seen all the speech yet. i feel very sad for all americans i know who hold so much hope for this man.

Thom Yorke's latest post does offer a faint glimmer of hope, as he mentions that "just when things feel like they are falling apart rumours that europe will commit to bigger cuts?" Still, knowing Yorke, this positivity isn't likely to last for long.

He also spoke with The Stupid Show about his experience, but most of the interview is spent railing against the BBC. He criticized the network for allowing climate change naysayers to voice their opinions on-air, referring to the programmers as "fucking monkeys."

Read Yorke's blog here and watch his Stupid Show appearance below.