The Week in Comments: Exclaim!'s Reader Feedback Roundup with Mother Mother, 'The Master' and 'The Hidden Energy Cost of Digital Music Consumption'

BY Jade DolanPublished Sep 19, 2012

Once again Exclaim! has gathered some of the top comments from this past week to share with you through our Reader Feedback Roundup. This week on commenters offered opinionated views on some of our top stories. Have a look here to see what they liked, loved or even hated this week.

First up, the recent report called The Dark Side of the Tune: The Hidden Energy Cost of Digital Music Consumption suggests that online music streaming may be just as hazardous to the environment as purchasing CDs. The report argues that the amount of energy used to stream albums is too dependent upon "sprawling server farms and a complex, energy-sapping network infrastructure."

The statements in the report stirred up some controversy with Exclaim! reader Just Saying, who called out the accuracy of the reports argument and wrote, "According to the report's statement, if you download the album (which I always do anyway to save my data plan) rather than streaming, it's 27 times more energy efficient that buying one CD. 27 albums downloaded = 1 CD. I fail to see how the math supports that article's headline." In addition, commenter Fizzes points out that "doing anything leaves an imprint."

In other debatable news, Mother Mother released their fourth full-length album, The Sticks, yesterday (September 18). In the lead-up to the release, Exclaim! offered a stream of the album, which generated a great deal of positive feedback from readers. Fans were pleased that the album stuck to traditional Mother Mother roots and was an instant fan pleaser.

Commenter Virginia Lee said, "I'm just going to replay this over and over until the US release. As always, MM makes picking a favorite track impossible; I can't even dislike a single one!" Another commenter Hayley claims that she is "so happy [Mother Mother] went this direction. I was nervous to see what would happen after Eureka, but every album is a pleasant surprise."

Some negative, yet constructive, feedback on the album was received from commenter @gabriel_daigle, who felt that "on first listen, the album as a whole doesn't do it for me. I love the eclectic nature of this band, but there's almost too much of it this time to where the album lacks focus. I love the power pop side of this band and I'm not getting enough of that."

This past Sunday, TIFF 2012 came to an end in Toronto. Throughout the festival, Exclaim! released a long string of reviews, including one of director Paul Thomas Anderson's anticipated film The Master. The review offered a strongly opinionated view of the film, which some readers found accurate while others too harsh.

Commenter Smith claimed, "Wow, this review is a little too angry, and completely useless." However, others were quick to support the review, such as Stephen, who replied, "Isn't that the point of a review? It's an individual's take on a particular topic. In this case, the reviewer felt that the movie was ridiculous -- and he's not alone." Another commenter, Jean, felt that it was "nice to read a review with a logical and coherent view point." The responses to the review were relatively an equal split between supporters and those who disagreed. However, commenter Ad highly suggested, "going to this movie anyway and/or reading some other reviews out there."

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