This Very Day This Type of Thing Can't Be Undone

Metalcore is well and truly on its last legs. As the genre’s former greats either fizzle out or transition into full-on melodic metal, and with mediocre upstarts like This Very Day apparently carrying the torch, things are looking grim. Sloppy musicianship, amateurish recording and the all-too-familiar Zao imitation vocals abound, with little to recommend aside from the occasional transitional riff or mildly satisfying palm-muted gallop. The lyrics are the standard Christian fare, adding to the overall impression that This Very Day have a very limited range of influences (Zao, Norma Jean, Underoath) and would do well to spend some time tightening up their performances and, most importantly, learning how to write songs. This is a fine example of a band that spent far too little time in the practice space before entering the studio. (Torque)