This Life-Sized Lars Ulrich Toilet Will Make You Lose Your Shit

Creator Prince Midnight previously turned a skeleton — reportedly of his dead uncle — into a guitar
This Life-Sized Lars Ulrich Toilet Will Make You Lose Your Shit
Before coming to Kill 'Em All, Metallica wanted to name their debut album Metal Up Your Ass, after an early demo of the same title. Shortly after its release, drummer Lars Ulrich would tell an interviewer of prospective cover art, "We were gonna have a hand coming through a toilet bowl, holding a machete, dripping with blood. And the toilet had barbed wire around it."

Now, in something of a full circle swirl moment in the proverbial porcelain bowl of life, Ulrich himself has become the toilet, thanks to the delightfully twisted mind of Prince Midnight — who, you may recall, claimed to have turned his dead uncle's skeleton into a working guitar last year.

Prince Midnight's life-sized, fully functioning Lars Ulrich toilet, created using a "massive amount of clay" and a giant fibreglass mould, comes modelled after the drummer's early '80s look, capturing the essence of a young Dane in California trading in his dreams of becoming a professional tennis player to chase heavy metal superstardom.

"Metallica was the first band I ever got into and there would be no Metallica without Lars," Prince Midnight wrote in announcing the project through his Hellmouth Plumbing Supply in September. "I wanted to pay tribute to this drumming legend in my own unique way... You will actually get to sit between his legs. A truly ultimate fan experience."

Speaking with Loudwire, Prince Midnight added, "Make no mistake, this is not me taking a jab at Lars. This is my way, albeit unconventional, to honour Lars Ulrich and Metallica. I could have painted a picture or made a traditional sculpture, but no one would have even noticed, and really, that's not the kind of art and performance I do."

Below, you'll find a series of progress photos showing how the elaborate throne — fit for a Danish knight — came together. We can only hope they make it to Ulrich somehow, some way.

Prince Midnight says that the Lars-inspired lavatory piece will be relocated "for public use" at Tampa, FL, music venue Brass Mug on Dec. 3 as part of what he calls an "art show taking place in the bathroom during the [Prince Midnight] show."

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