This Heat Offshoot Lifetones Treated to Vinyl Reissue via Light in the Attic

This Heat Offshoot Lifetones Treated to Vinyl Reissue via Light in the Attic
After tracing the history of influential UK post-punk group This Heat with a series of vinyl reissues that hit record stores just last week, Light in the Attic has now unveiled plans to give an LP from bandmember Charles Bullen's follow-up project, Lifetones, a fresh press too. Their debut record, For a Reason, will be re-released March 18.

A press release explains that This Heat dissolved a year after issuing 1981's Deceit, but Bullen pressed on by forming a new project with Julius Samuel. Dubbed Lifetones, the Brixton-based group was inspired by the sounds of their local West Indian community, which led to a fusion of dub and "the kind of propulsive, rhythmic, and experimental music made by This Heat."

The six-song For a Reason was recorded at the Cold Storage studio in Brixton and was originally released through Bullen's own Tone of Life Records in 1983. The record is said to possess a "strange, unsettling mood," created by the collision of chanted vocals, reggae rhythms, and "Krautrock-informed repetition."

While original vinyl copies are currently commanding prices from anywhere between $200 and $500 on resale sites like Discogs, Light in the Attic is due to deliver a more reasonable option on vinyl, CD and digitally. The reissue also includes an essay on the making on the album.

You'll find the tracklisting to For a Reason and a stream of its "Good Side" down below.

As for This Heat, Light in the Attic just dropped new copies of 1979's This Heat, 1980's Health and Efficiency and 1981's Deceit. You can find out more about those reissues over here.

For a Reason:

1. For a Reason
2. Good Side
3. Decide
4. Travelling
5. Distance No Object
6. Patience