Thirdimension Protect Us From What We Want

Like the first two albums from the Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Thirdimension never saw their debut album released outside of Sweden either-until now. Protect Us From What We Want was originally released in 1998, but must have been soaked in formaldehyde because it hasn't lost any of its form. Like their fellow Swede peers TSOOL, Thirdimension channel the classic rock spirits of majors like the Who and the Beatles to make a timeless record. Protect Us... is a mammoth-sounding rock album, fuelled by the band's curiosity of exploring what they can do with their musical skills. It's not so much in sync with the wave of Swedish garage bands currently seducing the world. Instead, they opt for something grander, based more on the ability to create something with a little more substance. For instance, "The Games You Play" features nothing but vocals, a zither and strings, mellowing out the setting, after the Who-obsessed "Other Side Of Town" delivers a healthy dose of scissor-kicking and hand-clapping pop. By opening up their influences, with lush psychedelic pop, acoustic and orchestral arrangements and catchy rock anthems Thirdimension have made a masterful debut album. Let's hope it doesn't take another four years to get the follow-up. (Hidden Agenda)