Third Degree Punk Sugar

There’s some strange shit going on with Third Degree. Punk Sugar finds these excessively heavy beasts getting pretty weird thanks to an abrasive mix of a black metal vocal delivery with the occasional Barney Greenway high-pitched tear here and there. Intensifying the stupefying aspect, instruments are detuned to a level below that of even Carcass, with blast beats to match. Throwing in a few Morbid Angel transitions, Third Degree pretty much have the entirety of extreme music covered without sounding too derivative of any. There’s an unusual sense of humour that rides over top of everything though, creating this sarcastic atmosphere, which is startling yet incredibly effective. Perhaps it’s the dichotomy of pretty imagery with the ugliest of music. Somehow though, despite obviously being influenced by the most hostile of metal, the enduring stamp left by Punk Sugar is one akin to the greasy imposition of bands such as Dukes Of Nothing or Artimus Pyledriver — that uneasiness of being surrounded by a gang of surly bikers and you just tipped over their ride. That, and with the grotesque vocal attack, comparisons to Satyricon’s most Motörhead effort (Volcano) spring forth. Thankfully, the delivery is as impressive as the bizarreness, making Punk Sugar a gripping encounter. (Selfmadegod)