Theophilus London 'Rose Island Vol. 1' (mixtape)

Theophilus London 'Rose Island Vol. 1' (mixtape)
Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London has unleashed a new mixtape titled Rose Island Vol. 1, which you can download now.

The 18-track affair features high-profile collaborations like the ones we heard with Big Boi on "She Said OK" and A$AP Rocky on "Big Spender."

Check out the tracklist below to see who else features on the release and then head over here to grab a free copy of London's brand new mixtape Rose Island Vol. 1.

Rose Island Vol. 1:

1. Mother Tree
2. Lisa
3. Morning Kisses
4. Dancing (ft. Marvin Gaye)
5. Dace Hall Days (TL cover)
6. Take It Off (TL and Blood Orange Cover)
7. Lighthouse (Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix)
8. Big Spender (ft. A$AP Rocky)
9. She Said OK (ft. Big Boi)
10. I Wanna Kiss You (ft. Lunice)
11. Beamed Up (ft. Star City)
12. Crew York (ft. Lunice)
13. Tour de Roses Anthem (ft. Bryan Holder)
14. Loud
15. Love is More Red (ft. Sade)
16. Glam Life 2.0 (Chauffeur)
17. Live In Me (Paris 96) (ft. Machine Drum)
18. Last Night (LVRS anthem)