Theophilus London "Golden" (Prod. by Twin Shadow)

Theophilus London 'Golden' (Prod. by Twin Shadow)
As it turns out, Theophilus London didn't drop his new album Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island last month, but the Brooklyn-based avant rapper/singer is making it up to us by unleashing a tune from the forthcoming LP called "Golden."

Produced by '80s enthusiast Twin Shadow, the song plays more to London's pop sensibilities than the previous hip-hop-minded leak "Big Spender." A bustling drum machine beat and light, twinkly synth sounds are the backdrop to London's alternately doe-eyed and sensual musings ("My love make you numb, and my voice makes you come always").

A new release date has yet been set for Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island, but you can stream the new single down below.