Theophilus London "Big Spender" (ft. A$AP Rocky) / "All Around the World" (video)

Theophilus London 'Big Spender' (ft. A$AP Rocky) / 'All Around the World' (video)
Brooklyn-based hip-hopper Theophilus London impressed with his genre-bending debut Timez Are Weird These Days last year, blending funk, rap and rock to create some pretty unique and exciting music. He's back with his sophomore effort Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island on May 20, but for now you can check out his collaboration with A$AP Rocky.

It's not clear where this track is going to end up or if it will even appear on a formal release, but you can take a listen to the Shirley Bassey-sampling "Big Spender" in the player below.

In other Theophilus London news, there's also a new video for "All Around the World," which appeared on Timez Are Weird These Days. So, while we await details for the upcoming London record, there's plenty to remind us why we should be eagerly anticipating it.

Listen to "Big Spender" featuring A$AP Rocky below, then check out the clip for "All Around the World" at the bottom of the page.