Theodor "What It Fees Like" (video)

Theodor 'What It Fees Like' (video)
Toronto's Theodor may be familiar to some as a member of indie pop brigade Fether, but for his solo work, he delves into the deep, ambient textures of electronic music. He's just unveiled a brand new video for "What It Feels Like," and Exclaim! is giving you the first look at it.
The track hears Theodor pairing up with his friend and former bandmate Myrrhine, blending his dancefloor-ready beats with her soulful croons. As for the accompanying visuals, Theodor enlisted director Sean Cartwright to capture dancer/choreographer Jasmyn Fyffe's moves on camera. As you can tell by shots of Underpass Park and the city skyline, the clip was shot in Toronto.
"The concept for the video was to capture the feeling of the song in a simple and cinematic fashion," Cartwright said in a statement. "We chose to focus the camera on one dancer [Jasmyn] and film her in performing a choreographed routine with elements of improvisation in various locations around Toronto. We filmed it using vintage anamorphic lenses to help focus the viewer's attention the centre of the frame while highlighting the natural bokeh and lens flares."
Theodor will perform a DJ set at the video's official release party on November 21, but you can get an exclusive early look at the video for "What It Feels Like" right now. Just hit play below.