Their Majesties Offshoot PANOS Preps Debut Album

Their Majesties Offshoot PANOS Preps Debut Album
We first met Panos Giannoulis as a member of the Halifax pop rock outfit Their Majesties, but he is now preparing to release his debut solo disc. Going by the name PANOS, his self-titled album will arrive on November 27.

The album was produced by Charles Austin (Buck 65, the Super Friendz). By the sound of things, it blends the hook-heavy style of Their Majesties with Giannoulis's subsequent experience playing jazz and improvised experimentation. A press release explains, "Leaning heavily on his pop and rock roots, he also incorporates influence from his background in avant-garde music, such as prepared guitar, atonal violin, feedback and odd time signatures."

Sonic touchstones are said to include Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think and the Sea and Cake. For a taste of what PANOS has in store, scroll past the tracklist to listen the sonically lush "Marred," which blends perky pop rock with atmospheric avant-folk.


1. Dustbowl
2. It's Over
3. Seveneight
4. Mr. Anderson
5. Gone Tomorrow
6. Salinas
7. Marred
8. Sunset/Sunrise
9. Fallout
10. Foreign Correspondent