​The Tragically Hip Got Played Off Stage at the Junos and Canadians Are Pissed

​The Tragically Hip Got Played Off Stage at the Junos and Canadians Are Pissed
Amongst the early winners at the Juno Awards this weekend, the Tragically Hip took home hardware for Rock Album of the Year. They were toasted again during last night's (April 2) broadcast, receiving the title of Group of the Year, but their acceptance speech was cut short — and Canadian music fans aren't happy about how it was handled.
Although frontman Gord Downie didn't attend the ceremony (he did, however, send in a recorded message to accept Songwriter of the Year), the band's Rob Baker and Paul Langlois were on hand to accept the Group of the Year trophy. As Langlois's speech ran past the allotted time, the show's producers tried to play him off stage with music. After Langlois questioned: "Oh, you're actually going to play me out?" and continued to deliver his speech, producers changed the tune — to the Hip's own "Ahead by a Century."
The guitarist/vocalist held his ground, saying, "Go to commercial, go ahead. This is my arena, not yours." He then proceeded to thank his bandmate Downie to rapturous applause.
Watch the clip in question below.

And although the show followed through on Langlois's suggestion to cut to a commercial, public support seems to be on the side of the beloved Canadian band.
Many took to Twitter to voice their disapproval of the cut-off, and the band's official account even snuck one last jab in this morning with a tweet that simply reads: "#thisismyarenanotyours"

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