The Sheepdogs Get a Muppet Makeover in New Video for "Keep on Loving You"

It's the latest single from their EP 'No Simple Thing'
The Sheepdogs Get a Muppet Makeover in New Video for 'Keep on Loving You'
Saskatoon rockers the Sheepdogs are back with a new video tribute to the love between a man and his guitar with "Keep on Loving You." The visual for the latest track from their EP No Simple Thing takes the band from classic rock to Fraggle Rock with the help of L.A.-based puppeteer Jess McKray and illustrations by Dawn Aquarius.

Of the video, bassist and co-director Ryan Gullen said in a statement:

Both [co-director] Mat [Dunlap] and I love puppets and have always wanted to do something with puppets for a video. The idea for the video stemmed from a conversation around how we wanted to make a non-binary love story and between Ewan and his guitar (who we named Leslie — as in Leslie Paul). It was amazing to watch all the band members come to life in puppet form. The song is about not realizing how much you love something until you almost lose it and fighting to get it back; I think that's something universal that everyone can identify with. We wanted to convey that feeling in the video and hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Forget "puppy love"— for these dogs, it's all about Muppet love.

Watch the video for "Keep on Loving You" below.