The Sex Pistols Movie Has a Title But It's Still Not Endorsed by the Band

The Sex Pistols Movie Has a Title But It's Still Not Endorsed by the Band
Thanks to the runaway success of films like Bohemian Rhapsody, it's easier than ever to get a rock movie rushed through development. In the case of the upcoming Sex Pistols movie, however, it's proving tough to get the band on board.

Producer Ayesha Plunkett is hard at work on a film adaptation of author Mick O'Shea's 2004 book The Early Days of the Sex Pistols: Only Anarchists Are Pretty. According to Variety, the film has officially been titled Only Anarchists Are Pretty and now the hunt is on for a cast and a director.

Speaking of the project, Plunkett said, "It's not a biopic. I'm not interested in doing that. It's a feature film, a script written from a book I liked by Mick O'Shea."

With O'Shea penning the screenplay, the script will reportedly expand on O'Shea's book slightly, following the band from their controversial TV appearance in 1976 through their trip down the Thames in 1977. 

"We decided to do the six-month period from them going on the Today Show to the release of God Save the Queen and the trip down the river — that is the six months in which they were public enemy number one," O'Shea told Variety

It's an interesting story, to be sure, but it's also one that may not include the music of the Sex Pistols. On Twitter, both John Lydon (a.k.a. Johnny Rotten) and the official Sex Pistols account said that they do not endorse the project.
    According to O'Shea, Lydon's hesitance to endorse the film can be blamed on Sid and Nancy.

"Sid and Nancy presented the band as illiterate buffoons, and that's a big part of John's reticence to get involved with any other Pistols-related projects," he told Variety.