The RCMP Just Killed Our Buzz with This "Hotline Bling" Parody

The RCMP Just Killed Our Buzz with This 'Hotline Bling' Parody
We knew the cops would find some way to kill our buzz on 4/20, but we weren't expecting this. The Nova Scotia RCMP have just released a new parody of Drake's "Hotline Bling" and now the song is completely ruined forever.

Like the atrocious Canadian police rap battle before it, this is terrible rap music with a message. In other words, the RCMP have basically written a new Macklemore song.

"Cop Light Bling" features some mind-numbingly bad AutoTune and a version of Drake's backing track that somehow sounds like a MIDI file from 1997. Worse yet, the accompanying video includes a bunch of dorky cops dancing around on the highway.

The message of the song is that you should switch lanes when you are driving past a cop car pulled over on the side of the road. Then again, if you drove by a bunch of RCMP dancing around to last year's novelty song you'd probably rather pull a U-turn and get far, far away.

If you want your life to be just a little bit worse today — or if you're a damn narc who enjoys this kind of shit — you can watch the cops ruin "Hotline Bling" below. No thanks to Vice for the tip.