The Prettys "Friendship" (video)

The Prettys 'Friendship' (video)
Vancouver rockers the Prettys are gearing up to release their sophomore full-length Soirée this summer, but before the new LP arrives, Exclaim! is giving you a first look at the band's brand new video for "Friendship."
The clip was directed by the band's sax man Matty Reed, and it was captured to film in a single shot. Naturally, the band opted to use the third to last take since it featured "the most people and the most confetti."
Despite its bright, upbeat sound, the track itself attempts to convey the loneliness that can set in after "being really shitty to a close friend and losing their friendship," but wanting to let them know that you're still there for them. The video hones in on that feeling, focusing on bass player Pierce Kingan as he strolls down the street alone — encountering flash mobs of people that ultimately only exist in his head.
Join him on his solitary stroll through the city by watching the video for "Friendship" below. The single is currently available on Bandcamp.