The Pope Visited a Record Store This Weekend

He was filmed leaving Stereo Sound in Rome, Italy
The Pope Visited a Record Store This Weekend
Popes are just like us! They make inappropriate comments about other people's decisions to not have children, and sometimes they kill a little time at the record store. That's right — over the weekend, Pope Francis was photographed going into a record store called Stereo Sound in Rome.

The Pope wasn't there to restock copies of his 2015 rock album. Rather, he was there to bless the shop. As he left Stereo Sound, reporter Javier Martinez-Brocal filmed him walking to the car waiting outside.

Pope Francis sent Martinez-Brocal a letter congratulating him on the scoop. "One should not lose one's sense of humour," Francis said. "Thanks for doing your job, even if it did put the pope in difficulty."

The Pope was in the store for about 15 minutes. He was apparently a frequent customer of Stereo Sound before he became the Pope, and had befriended the shop's owners. Tiziana Esposito, the daughter of the shop owner, told the Associated Press, "He walked in the shop and it was an amazing meeting. And as he promised, he blessed the shop."

He didn't buy anything on this latest visit, but the shop owners reportedly gave him a classical music CD.