The Pack A.D. Tease New Album via "So What" Trailer

The Pack A.D. Tease New Album via 'So What' Trailer
Fuzzed-up garage duo the Pack A.D. are apparently just about ready to announce their next album, but ahead of the full reveal they're teasing the record with a trailer promoting a single called "So What."

The teaser arrived today (March 2), with the band explaining over social media that "So What" will be unveiled in full sometime next week. So far, a 15-second video presents a crush of beats, punky distortion, and Becky Black's crooning of the song title. Visually, the teaser finds them blasting out the tune for some fans at an indoor skate park.

You'll find the trailer down below.

While the Pack A.D. delivered their Meta Animal EP in 2015, the upcoming LP will be their first full-length release since 2014's Do Not Engage. Those two records had been issued through Nettwerk, but it was announced in a press release today that the Pack A.D. have signed to the newly minted Cadence Music Group (previously known as MapleMusic).

The Pack A.D. also unveiled a newly updated website and a current promo pic. As you can see up above, the photo features the word "pariah" projected over Black and drummer Maya Miller. It's as yet unclear just how the word reflects the now-begun album campaign.