The Music of 'Forza Horizon 5': Death Valley Girls Burn Rubber on "10 Day Miracle Challenge"

"The miracle we wished for was to have our music in a soundtrack!"
The Music of 'Forza Horizon 5': Death Valley Girls Burn Rubber on '10 Day Miracle Challenge'
Playground Games and Xbox Games Studios' much-anticipated Forza Horizon 5 is arriving November 9, and each week leading to its release, we'll be highlighting one of our favourite artists featured on the game's soundtrack.

This week's Forza Featured Track is Death Valley Girls' crunchy, tire-spinning ripper "10 Day Miracle Challenge." It's the sort of sun-bleached, windows-down blast of energy that the L.A. garage rockers have perfected — the aural equivalent of burning rubber, it's no surprise that it's found a spot on the Forza Horizon 5 soundtrack. 

And according to front-person Bonnie Bloomgarden, the song's appearance on the soundtrack for the year's biggest, most anticipated racing game was no random chance — it was pure manifestation. 

"We wrote "10 Day Miracle Challenge" for our hero Mitch Horowitz, and the miracle challenge that changed our life, and shifted our perspective," she explains, citing Horowitz' 10-step guide to re-shaping your life and getting what you want. "The weirdest thing about getting to be on the Forza Horizon 5 soundtrack is that the miracle we wished for was to have our music in a soundtrack!" 

It's a match made in heaven — a pedal-to-the-metal anthem for getting where you want to be and a game that promises speed, adventure and brand new horizons. 

Plus, as Bloomgarden explains, "10 Day Miracle Challenge" is the perfect driving companion whether it's a controller in your hands or a real-deal steering wheel — its dust-blown guitars and rumbling drums are as suited for Forza Horizon 5's vast, tropical speedways as they are a long, sun-baked California road trip.  

"We describe our music as best to listen to while driving," she says. "This whole thing is too cool. Miracles happen, every day, if you believe!"

Since their 2016 debut record Glow in the Dark, Death Valley Girls' saxophone-laced, Iggy pop-approved garage rock has only gotten more muscular and scorching — last year's Under the Spell of Joy finds them at the height of their considerable powers, finding peace, freedom, and radical fury in the act of self-care.  

You can check out "10 Day Miracle Challenge," plus the trailer for Forza Horizon 5 below. 

Forza Horizon 5 arrives November 9, and you can preorder the game here