The Melvins' Dale Crover Releases World's First 12-Sided Record

The Melvins' Dale Crover Releases World's First 12-Sided Record
There's been no shortage of Melvins-related vinyl releases this year, but gloved skinsman Dale Crover may have just delivered the weirdest one yet. The sludge rock beat specialist has released the world's first-ever 12-sided 10-inch record.

Crover's ultra-limited Skins went up for sale today (August 26) through Joyful Noise Recordings, but unsurprisingly, the pressing of 127 copies is already sold out. The unique record features six separate spindle holes, which correspond to "12 short songs written by Dale Crover specifically for this distinctive format." The lengths of the micro tracks range from 15 to 31 seconds. It's been described by the label as "the most impractical record of all time."

The records were designed by Mike Dixon and made by hand using a 1942 Presto 6N record lathe. Each copy was also signed by Crover.

It's added that "these are lo-fi, mono records," and that lathe-cut vinyl tend to "have more shallow grooves than pressed records, which can make them difficult to play."

The label added: "If the only turntable you own is a Crosley, do not buy this record. Not only will it not play on your setup, but you'll likely damage the record in the process."

That said, with all the copies having been snatched up instantly for $100 each, you may not have to worry so much anymore about picking up this piece of vinyl history. That is, unless you want to wait for a price sky-rocketing copy to pop up on Discogs. 

All the same, you can learn more about the bizarre release, which precedes a forthcoming Crover solo set due in 2017, in the video down below.

As previously reported, 2016 has thus far seen the Melvins issue Basses Loaded, the long-in-the-works Three Men and a Baby release with godheadsilo bassist Mike Kunka, and a trio of '90s-era represses via Third Man Records.


1. Slide On Up (0:27) 
2. The Short Con (0:26)
3. Our Supreme Leader (0:16)
4. String Bean (0:32)
5. Why Not? (0:11)
6. Prismo (0:15)
7. Trick Dirt (0:29)
8. Chicken Ala King (0:30)
9. Vulnavia (0:30)
10. None No More (0:31)
11. Horse Pills (0:30)
12. Just Walk Around (0:29)