​The Lemonheads Unveil Their First New Album in Nearly a Decade

'Varshons 2' features covers of Yo La Tengo, Nick Cave, Paul Westerberg, Florida Georgia Line, the Eagles and more
​The Lemonheads Unveil Their First New Album in Nearly a Decade
The Lemonheads have revealed plans for a brand new album, and it will arrive as a sequel to their 2009 covers album Varshons. The logically titled Varshons 2 is set for release on February 8 via Fire Records.
The record hears Evan Dando and co. putting their own takes on tracks by the likes of Yo La Tengo, Lucinda Williams, Florida Georgia Line, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and the Eagles.
It also includes new versions of songs by the Jayhawks, the Bevis Frond, Paul Westerberg, John Prine, Natural Child, NRBQ, the Eyes and the GiveGoods.
See the full tracklisting down below.
Beyond that, hear the Lemonheads' new version of Yo La Tengo's "Can't Forget," which serves as the opening track.
Varshons 2:
1. Can't Forget (Yo La Tengo)
2. Settled Down Like Rain (The Jayhawks)
3. Old Man Blank (The Bevis Frond)
4. Things (Paul Westerberg)
5. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness (John Prine)
6. Abandoned (Lucinda Williams)
7. Now and Then (Natural Child)
8. Magnet (NRBQ)
9. Round Here (Florida Georgia Line)
10. TAQN (The Eyes)
11. Unfamiliar (The GiveGoods)
12. Straight to You (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
13. Take It Easy (The Eagles)