The Halluci Nation, Formerly A Tribe Called Red, Announce New Album 'One More Saturday Night'

The album is jam-packed with guests, including Tanya Tagaq, Haviah Mighty and the late John Trudell
The Halluci Nation, Formerly A Tribe Called Red, Announce New Album 'One More Saturday Night'
Last month, electronic duo A Tribe Called Red revealed that they had changed their name to the Halluci Nation ahead of a forthcoming album, One More Saturday Night. The pair have now dropped more details about the LP, including its release date of July 30.

As previously reported, the group's new name is in reference to A Tribe Called Red's final album, 2016's We Are the Halluci Nation, of which the title was inspired by author and musician John Trudell. The new album's opening track and lead single, "Remember 01," features a clip of Trudell from August 2014, the night he met A Tribe Called Red at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. An accompanying video includes footage of Trudell from that same night.

"He (John) was on a mission to set us on a course that continues to guide and inform our actions. Remembering our past is key to seeing our way into the future and revisiting the words John spoke about us that first night are exactly that," said Bear Witness in a press release. "Like a beacon showing us that we are still on the path he sowed for us. John's words confirm that we are still moving forward in the right direction. This is why it is so important for us to share his voice with everyone and once again, let John set the tone for our first album as the Halluci Nation."

"Remember 01" starts the Halluci Nation's new chapter by merging Trudell's inspiring words with triumphant synths, skittering percussion and the chants of pow wow singers Black Bear.  

Said 2oolman about the new single, "Creating this song was one of the most powerful moments to ever happen to me professionally. Hearing John's words reverberate in the room over meaningful chords felt like we were wrapping up our entire journey as a group, a sort of reflection piece. To bring it all back one more time by using an introductory speech he gave us back in 2014 when we first met, and he told us in that moment what we must do going forward."

Trudell and Black Bear are the first of many guests who are set to appear on One More Saturday Night, to be joined by Tanya Tagaq, Haviah Mighty, Odario, Chippewa Travellers, Boogey the Beat, CBC Radio host Tom Power, SATE, Romeo Saganash and many more. The album includes several singles the duo released as A Tribe Called Red over the past two years, including "Land Back," "Ba Na Na," "Tanokumbia," "The OG" and "NDN Cars."

Watch the "Remember 01" video below, and keep reading for more information on One More Saturday Night.

One More Saturday Night:

1. Remember 01 feat. John Trudell, Black Bear
2. It's Over feat. Chippewa Travellers
3. Tanokumbia feat. El Dusty, Black Bear
4. NDN Kars feat. Keith Secola (2020 Remix)
5. Remember 02 feat. Chippewa Travellers
6. Stay feat. Antoine, Tom Power, Chippewa Travellers
7. Land Back feat. Boogey The Beat, Northern Voice
8. Takarita feat. Rob Ruha
9. Remember 03 (STLNDRMS rework)
10. When We Fly feat. Jennifer Kreisberg
11. Ba Na Na feat. Odario, Haviah Mighty, Chippewa Travellers
12. The OG feat. Romeo Saganash, Black Bear 
13. Collaboration ≠ Appropriation feat. Tanya Tagaq
14. Mother Mother feat. Lillian Allen, SATE, The Northwest Kid, Chippewa Travellers
15. Remember 04 feat. Re.verse, Chippewa Travellers