The Beaches "Give It Up" (video)

The Beaches 'Give It Up' (video)
Two years removed from their Heights EP, gritty Toronto outfit the Beaches have signed to Island Records and are now ready to share their new material. The first taste of what's to come from the four-piece arrives with "Give It Up," accompanied by a music video.

Keeping things minimal, the band have set up their gear in a plain white room to deliver the steady, stomping cut. Things get a little louder and looser in the song's chorus section, with plenty of unabashed rocking out and hair flipping from all four members.

"It's not about giving up anything," says the band's vocalist/bassist Jordan Miller of the song. "It's more about just needing something to change."

While we wait for further details on more new music from the Beaches, you can watch the video for "Give It Up" in the player below.

Pre-order the Beaches' new album, Late Show, via Umusic here.