Terrorist Group Adds Brüno Star Sacha Baron Cohen to Its Shitlist

Terrorist Group Adds <i>Brüno</i> Star Sacha Baron Cohen to Its Shitlist
Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who you may know better as Borat or Brüno, is no stranger to lawsuits. Until now though, he's never been threatened or sued by terrorists. However, Cohen's depiction of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in his new film Brüno isn't sitting well with the coalition of Palestinian militias, according to a statement by one of its senior members in the West Bank.

The statement was received by WorldNetDaily's Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein and explains how the group is livid at how one of their members is depicted in the mockumentary film about Cohen's character, a Austrian fashionista who's more than a little gay.

That statement reads, in part, "We reserve the right to respond in the way we find suitable against this man [Cohen]... This movie was part of a conspiracy against the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades... According to what we checked there was no meeting about the real context of the film. This was a dirty use of our brother, Aiman, and we don't accept that the name of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades is part of the film."

"Aiman" is a reference to Ayman Abu Aita, who is interviewed by Cohen's Brüno in the film and labelled a Bethlehem terrorist leader. Aita has since claimed the film slanders him and Cohen did the interview under false pretenses, leading him to pursue legal action against the actor, Aita told WorldNetDaily.

And while lawsuits are one thing, the most disturbing part about all this is where the group says it will respond in a way they "find suitable", which for some reason gives us the chills.

Perhaps Cohen should just go back to pissing off frat boys.