Terror 2000 Terror for Sale

The side project of several main players in the Swedish metal scene, Terror 2000 has, in the past, thrashed with a fun, old school fury. But on Terror for Sale, the band have taken their tossed-off sense of humour and run with it in a big way. So in comes the sense of Strapping Young Lad-ish ironic metal: those falsetto screams being impressive but annoying at the same time, that ultra-treble-heavy production making me think this is actually a Devin Townsend project after all. But it’s not, it’s Bjorn "Speed” "Strid, singer of Soilwork, backed up with, amongst others, a Darkane dude and someone from the under-rated Construcdead. And it’s basically a joke; every song sounds like an annoying nursery rhyme set to goofy metal, with some stuff that may be funny once, sure; but who the hell is going to listen to this on a regular basis? To me, it’s just grating, annoying, and considering the high quality output of the other dudes in the band, offensive. (Nuclear Blast)