Tensions Mount in the Wu-Tang Clan

Tensions Mount in the Wu-Tang Clan
Drowned in Sound is reporting that all is not well in the Wu-Tang camp. According to a video conducted by Miss Info (see below for the clip), Raekwon has laid into producer RZA for "stealing from the communal pot."

Raekwon says: "I’ve got a lot of respect for RZA but right now his ears is not where the team want it to be… and… don’t play with a grown man’s pocket, B.
"At the end of the day you may’ve felt like you put millions in niggers’ pockets, we appreciate it, but you know what? Don’t ever let a nigger feel like you stand up on him or you taking something from him or you being sneaky – we was the niggers who would’ve done anything for you, jump in front of a bullet for you.
"Don’t rob me and be my friend,” continues an increasingly animated Raekwon. "I never robbed nobody and if I’ve robbed somebody it’s because I felt they needed to get robbed. You don’t rob your friends. What we deal with in our family is love and trust. It’s like the love is there, but it ain’t in capital letters no more, it’s in little letters right now.”

In addition to this problem, Raekwon has denounced the mixing of his collective's new album, 8 Diagrams, which is scheduled for release on December 11. As a result, he's admitted there is another album in the works with members of Wu-Tang - "everyone minus RZA.”

"We’re not making this album to disrespect RZA as a enemy, we’re not enemies… one things about us [is] we’re Muslim sons so we’re not taught to hate anybody. You just supposed to warn a man of his wicked ways.
"It’s not to come across like we hate this nigger or we want to beat him up ‘cause we could never forget all the positive energy that he’s shared with us. But he’s fucked up and we don’t like the way he’s doing business. You’ve got to respect the fact that a man is a man. Before I’m a fucking rapper I’m a man.”