Telefon Tel Aviv's Joshua Eustis to Release Solo LP as Sons of Magdalene

Telefon Tel Aviv's Joshua Eustis to Release Solo LP as Sons of Magdalene
Telefon Tel Aviv member Joshua Eustis has announced plans to finally issue an album from his long-in-the-works Sons of Magdalene project. Over seven years in the making, his Move to Pain LP drops June 24 via Audraglint.

A press release explains that Eustis started up Sons of Magdalene in 2007, after his father was diagnose with cancer, and has worked sporadically on the set since then. He had shown the work to his Telefon Tel Aviv partner Charlier Cooper, who passed away in 2009. Apparently, Cooper had suggested the initial recordings Eustis had presented him be used for Telefon Tel Aviv.

"He died before we could finish anything together, so I kept them as they were and went from there," Eustis explained, adding that he completed the record last year, following a tour playing with Nine Inch Nails. The nine-song end result is described by Eustis as "by far the most personal of my musical career," admitting that he sat on the recordings too long because of it.

"I think now, looking back, that this was the reason for my reluctance to release it," he said of the set's personal nature. "With grief like this, though, if it's sitting on a hard drive in the same room, I can't stop thinking about it until it's gone; then and only then does the sweet relief of forgetfulness visit me, finally."

Move to Pain:

1. Hold On Hold Still For A Second

2. Bitter Soliloquy

3. The Whip

4. Move To Pain

5. A Strange Sound

6. Unfortunate Phone Call

7. O Death

8. Can't Won't Don't Want To

9. Crows On The Eves Of My Father's House