Tegan and Sara Prepping 10th Anniversary Edition of 'So Jealous'

Tegan and Sara Prepping 10th Anniversary Edition of 'So Jealous'
It's hard to believe, but it's been 10 years since pop twins Tegan and Sara first went walking with a ghost on their So Jealous LP. Now, to mark the occasion, the duo have announced plans to deliver an expanded edition of the album.

Yesterday (September 14) marked the official anniversary of Tegan and Sara's fourth full-length release, and the Quinn sisters issued a joint statement weighing in on the importance of the LP. "It was without a doubt a huge turning point in our career, and a big part of how we got where we are today," they explained.

As such, they're currently putting work into a deluxe package titled So Jealous X to celebrate the game-changer. While details are forthcoming, Tegan and Sara noted that the release will be full of era-appropriate ephemera, from photos to bonus tracks to recollections from the promotional cycle.

The duo added: "We've been emptying shoe boxes full of photos, digging out weird internet caches and bugging everyone who was involved to share their memories of So Jealous, so we can share it all with you."

While details are still pending, So Jealous X will apparently be put out as a three-disc release featuring "over 20" extra tracks, including unreleased demos, B-sides, remixes and more. Hopefully this includes, among other things, the White Stripes' raucous run-through of "Walking with a Ghost," which you'll find along with the original number, down below.

Though its without an official due date, pre-orders will go up through Tegan and Sara's website in December.