Tegan and Sara "Goodbye, Goodbye" (video) / "Closer" (video with dogs)

Tegan and Sara 'Goodbye, Goodbye' (video) / 'Closer' (video with dogs)
Most of us spend large parts of our lives staring at screens, and the new video for Tegan and Sara's "Goodbye, Goodbye" gives us a glimpse into our own digital obsession.

The clip for this peppy track from this year's Heartthrob shows Tegan and Sara, along with some extras, interrupting their day to type out the lyrics in a series of text messages, Facebook wall posts, word processing documents and more. Meanwhile, a few folks manage to break out of the digital box by using window condensation, fridge magnets and a wall mural.

Watch it below [via AOL On].

Also today, Tegan and Sara joined forces with The Pet Collective to remake their video for "Closer" using dogs. That meme-worthy clip is also below.