The Teenagers "Homecoming"

The Teenagers 'Homecoming'
What better way to establish your band than write a song that hits the zeitgeist squarely in the nuts, and perform it with some French accented lechery not heard from since Serge Gainsbourg. The Teenagers’ guide to contemporary dating felt one-sided, but then again, it’s not that often we hear such brutal honesty from indie boys in skinny jeans. This boy/girl duet imagines a night out in London where an English boy and an American girl hook up with different ideas. She thinks it’s love, he knows it’s nothing more than pure lust, as they take turns on the verses and deliver one of the year’s most inappropriate choruses. The defining moment, however, comes with girl shouting, "Don’t forget to send me a friend request!” to which boy mumbles, "As if,” with the kind of cavalier bravado every misogynistic pig wishes he could mutter with confidence. Brilliantly offensive lyrics aside, the placid lo-fi beats and indie guitars make it a perfect fit for dance floors (which the slew of remixes managed to butcher completely) filled with drunkards waiting to live out the song in the wee hours of the morning.