Teddy Bass and Kool Keith "Woman You the Best" (video)

Teddy Bass and Kool Keith 'Woman You the Best' (video)
Ever-prolific rap weirdo Kool Keith is back with yet another release this coming Tuesday (November 4), teaming up with producer Teddy Bass for El Dorado Driven. Before the pair bounce the set through speakers in full, you can catch a wealth-minded Keith cruising streets and poolsides with ladyfriends and calling out clowns for using credit cards on packs of Juicy Fruit in a video for the set's "Woman You the Best."

A glitzy but minimal beat backs the rap vet as he coolly recaps time using unconventionally erotic card tables and hang-outs with mink-adorned women. You'll find him and his crew strolling through hotels and flashy locales like Hollywood's fabled TLC Chinese Theatre down below.

El Dorado Driven lands in Canada through Volunteer Media and also features the likes of Sadat X, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Lord Diamonds and Michael Rushden. You can pre-order it on iTunes here.