Taylor Swift's New Merch Has a Typo

"Spelling is fun!"
Taylor Swift's New Merch Has a Typo
Taylor Swift may have claimed that "Spelling is fun!" on her latest single "ME!" — but apparently she didn't take her own advice when approving her latest round of merch.
As fans have been receiving their new rainbow, flowers and unicorn-inspired looks, a few have noticed that there's a glaring typo stitched onto the pieces.
The lyrics "Your'e the only one of you / Baby that's the fun of you" are sewn into some of the shirts  — and yes, that apostrophe is misplaced.
Some people are upset about the grammatical error, some are amused by their uniquely messed-up merch, and others just think Swift is infallible and that the typo is intentional.
See some of the reactions from Swift haters and fans alike (as well as spelling and punctuation enthusiasts) below.